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i-City seeks Professional co-operation and Partnership on developing an Innovative City!

The ambition on smart city development envisions a sustainable eco-friendly, technologically-advanced urban settlements that would provide Citizens with the high standards of living, better governance, quality infrastructure, and uninterrupted utility and social services.

Information and Communication Technology, Smart Home, Intelligent Mobility Systems, Centralized Service Controls, Optimized Energy Management and Effective Emergency System are some of the smart solutions that would be implemented in this City.

i-City is glad to cultivate strategic relationships with innovative companies and government at the local, regional, and national level in order to establish long-term partnerships on the development.


Dream and share and we will forge ties to realize your wish and feasibility.


We will collate all your response and understand on which are the areas of improvement that will be focused by stages.


Ideas and areas of improvement shall be identified, examine and address through innovative, ideas and solution delivered.

Together with Us

We invite everyone to participate in this unique opportunity to transform i-City into a role model City of the future. Your vision and ideas could propel the City to the forefront in developing a Smart City. Let us conceptualize and collaborate to develop Smart City @ i-City.

We will collect input from public on various aspects of Smart City @ i-City. This will help us craft practical solutions that can be implemented in i-City on Smart City Development, thus proposing a global community infrastructure and governance plan for the City.